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13 Places Wanting To Hire You Right Now


Maxim services logo1. Maxim Healthcare Services

Maxim is a large national chain of nursing staffing agencies. Their Maryland location is based in Baltimore, and was established in 1988. They offer placement services for a barrage of different job types; RNs, LPNs, LVNs, CNAs, speech therapy, radiology, and much more. Something cool about their website is they allow you to automatically upload your resume which then gets sent to people who can help you immediately. According to Glassdoor, they’ve earned a 3.1 rating across an impressive 1,000 reviews.

Phone: 855-632-3076 connectrn-icon-facebook connectrn-icon-twitter

2. connectRN

connectRN isn’t really a placement agency, but we have all the benefits of one. Instead of getting you placed full time, we enable you to find the time flexibility you want and extra income through per-diem shifts. For example, when a hospital needs a shift covered (because someone called in sick) you’ll have the chance to pick it up and earn more income than what you normally would. You can create an account here and find more information here.

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3. Nursefinders

Nursefinders is a full-service healthcare staffing agency. They also offer the per diem shifts just like connect RN does. However, if you are wanting to pick up these shifts you’ll have to watch their website pretty vigilantly since they update frequently. All you’ll have to do is create an account with them and start your application. Then they can help you find full-time employment.


4. Compassionate Healthcare Nursing Services

Compassionate Healthcare offers 24-hour in-home nursing care for both pediatrics and elderly care. They don’t appear to be a placement agency, but they might be a solid place to check out if you’re on the job hunt. You can apply directly on their website here, or you can contact them via a person(information listed below).

Phone: 410-719-0672 connectrn-icon-facebook

5. P-B Health Home Care Agency

As per their homepage statement “P-B Health is a community-based home health agency dedicated to delivering compassionate, quality home health care. They work with RNs, CNAs, QA Nurses, and a few other occupations. For the nursing positions, they assist with both full-time and per diem employment and then do per diem shifts with the other occupations.

Phone: (410) 235-1060 connectrn-icon-facebook

6. Floren Health Care Services

Floren assists with staffing and home care services providers. They help deploy nurses, aides, and home care staff to private homes, so that patients do not have to be re-hospitalized. Floren doesn’t appear to be a placement agency, but if you’re looking for a nursing job this is one to check out. Here is a link to their employment page. You can apply right on their website which makes it super easy for you!

Phone: 410-254-5062

7. Favorite Healthcare Staffing

Favorite Healthcare Staffing offers a few different options for nurses: per diem shifts, permanent full-time contracts, and permanent part-time contracts. While their corporate office is in Kansas City, they have a location in Lutherville here in Maryland. On a side note: their website is really clean! The employment form is extremely intuitive and easy to fill out. We give it 10/10 stars for a job well done.

Phone: (410) 252-5402 connectrn-icon-facebook connectrn-icon-twitter

8. Brightstar Care – Baltimore City

Brightstar helps hospitals staff RNs, LPNs, CNAs, nurse aids, medical social workers, and more. As far as the positions you have the opportunity to fill, you’ll have plenty of options: home care, senior care, child care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia care, and more. As far as helping you get hired, their employment page lists out all of the available jobs in the Baltimore area and then you can apply through Indeed.

Phone: 433-275-2796 connectrn-icon-facebook connectrn-icon-twitter

9. Accountable Healthcare Staffing

AHC Staff has probably the cleanest website out of the bunch. The Career Opportunities page allows you to search by the type of job you want, and then lists out all of the different available jobs all over the US. You can also do a quick apply (on their home page) if you don’t have time to search for jobs yourself.

Phone: (703) 717-9801 connectrn-icon-facebook connectrn-icon-twitter

10. Medical Staffing Network

The Medical Staffing Network is a franchise that spans the U.S. They have a network of over 350,000 professionals and over 70 branches. Because they are so large they are able to help a plethora of different nurses; CNAs, RNs, LPNs, – you name it. If you’re looking for nursing jobs, you can search for them here, or apply directly on their website.

Phone: 800-676-8326 connectrn-icon-facebook connectrn-icon-twitter

11. Intrastaff

Intrastaff provides temporary employment to Johns Hopkins Hospitals and their partner hospitals throughout Baltimore and Washington D.C. You have the opportunity to find employment via part-time, full-time and per diem shifts. You can submit your resume here and find job opportunities here.

Phone: 410-955-5000 connectrn-icon-facebook connectrn-icon-twitter

11. Access Nursing Services

Access Nursing is a national full-service nursing and healthcare company that provides in-home nursing solutions. Because they have access to hospitals all over the country this might be a perfect fit if you’re open to relocating for a short period of time. If you are a traveling nurse, you can find more information here and can browse new positions here for the Baltimore area.

Phone: 410-321-5650 connectrn-icon-facebook connectrn-icon-twitter

13. Alliant Staffing Owings Mills

While Alliant has a focus on RNs, Radiology, Therapists, and Allied nurses, they offers a multitude of services for all types of nursing employment; travel, per diem, local contracts, temporary-to-permanent, and full-time. Alliant also offers the opportunity to apply directly on their website, and can browse job openings here for the Baltimore area.

Phone: 410-581-1140 connectrn-icon-facebook connectrn-icon-twitter



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