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For Hospitals

When institutions incorporate the ConnectRN platform, they set up a dialogue between managers and their team. They can convey open shifts, policy updates, and ensure their team is up to date with their credentialing. Their team is engaged by giving them ownership over their profile and potential schedule options.

This will not only help managers reduce overtime spend and agency nurse usage but they will also achieve a new level of efficiency in communication. Introducing ConnectRN within your institution can improve nurses’ satisfaction and decrease absenteeism by providing them with a greater say in which shifts they have to work ensuring an empowered workforce.

  • Our nurse management web dashboard allows for real-time communications alerts so that you can quickly get your message to your nursing staff.
  • More than a communications tool, this platform is designed to resolve last minute as well as long-term call-offs and open shifts in an instant reducing the need to manually call nurses when you need a replacement.
  • Our tools will connect you to qualified and available staff via an alert system that is sent to their mobile device.
  • You control your communication by opt-out of times when you know you won’t be available there by not receiving alerts for those times.
  • As part of this platform, we will help enroll your current nursing staff to ensure they have the proper credentials. We will confirm their qualifications in advance so all you need to do is check the specifications you need for the open shift and it will automatically send the alert to only those that fit your criteria.

Connect with a cloud of available nurses

Leverage our nursing network to engage nurses, fill shifts, and reduce premium labor costs.

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Cloud Connection

With a pool of talented Nurses

“ConnectRN gives me direct access to potential staff for filling shifts and more time to perform my other duties. No more making numerous calls , leaving messages and awaiting call backs”

-Emily M.

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