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  • 1 - Schedule Flexibility

    Schedule Flexibility

    We know your job is stressful enough. Finding extra shifts shouldn’t be.

    With connectRN you can set your preferences and you will only see shifts that fit your skillset and work in your schedule. No more annoying texts, emails and phone calls for shifts that aren’t for you.

    Single Credentialing Process

    We get it. Most onboarding and credentialing is the same and LOTS of repetitious paperwork.

    We have consolidated the process online using smart software to help you manage your credentials and help you find shifts and employers that fit your schedule.

  • 3 - Mobile Alerts

    Mobile Alerts

    Mobile alerts in real time

    Do your work texts and emails get lost and mixed in with your personal communication? Do you receive the same notifications that every other nurse is getting even though you have very different skills and experience? connectRN can help. Our software runs on your mobile device and allows you to control what you want to see and when you want to see it.

    No Pool Restrictions

    Tired of pool restrictions?

    Don’t want to work the weekend shifts and holiday hours to be a part of and institutions per diem pool?

    connectRN can help. Join our pool and see what is out there. No restrictions. No mandatory hours. Just shifts that match you, when you want them.

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“connectRN gives me real time access to open shifts matching my skills. I can pick them up right from my app. Super easy to use!”

-Jonathan K.