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What we do:

We allow hospitals to recruit and manage their on-call, per-diem nursing workforce through an easy to use mobile and web app. This helps reduce hospital costs associated with filling vacant shifts and managing on-call per-diem nurses, and also gives nurses a bump in income and more schedule flexibility.
The best way to think about it is we offer an outsourced talent pool of credentialed nurses for hospitals when they need them, where they need them and an easy to use software that seamlessly connects them at their moment of need.

What we do in layman’s terms:

  1. When nurses are unable to work a given shift it puts pressure on both the hospital and other nurses to provide the same amount of quality care. So, we allow hospitals to find nurses who are looking to pick up extra shifts in real time, reducing costs for the hospital and allowing nurses to generate extra income.

Why we are relevant to Xconomy:

  1. We’ve never been covered before – so it’s first dibs for you guys!
  2. We are not backed by a PR Firm. We’re a team of 5 working remotely in our garages.
  3. We’re in a massive market and are changing a really outdated process.
  4. We’ve raised over 3M dollars – something we think your audience would be interested in.

So… what’s the big picture?

Our goal is to change the way the healthcare industry thinks about recruiting and last minute staffing. Hospitals used to hire part-time nurses on a contract basis (usually at least sixth months at a time) – which forced them into long-term commitments and involved large upfront costs. Hospitals normally found these nurses through staffing agencies who charge an arm and a leg for their services. 

So, our vision a pretty simple:

  1. Give nurses more flexibility and a bump in income
  2. Reduce costs and increase efficiency in hospitals
  3. And allow hospitals to give high-quality patient care

The problem we are solving:

Hospitals need a better way to manage just-in-time nurse staffing needs. Last minute nurse cancellations and patient census increases create immediate needs for nurses. There is currently no good way to communicate directly with a large group of nurses to staff these needs nor is there a way to easily and directly connect to credentialed nurses who are available and looking for more shifts. The current process is inefficient for both nurses and hospitals and involves phone calls and texting part-time nurses or going through an over-priced staffing agency. We make it easy for hospitals to go directly to the nurses; reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and creating happier nurses.

How we are solving the problem:

We have a simple web app for both hospitals and a mobile app for nurses (which is free to both parties). All hospitals need to do is post the shift on the app and local nurses who have signed up with connectRN get a push notification to pick up the shift.

I’m Idriz – the founder – here’s why I started this and my story:

I came to America after working as a nurse for the United Nations in Kosavo during the war.  My job was to help refugees get the care and resources they needed.

When I got to America my nursing credits didn’t transfer which forced me back into nursing school.  On top of going to school, I worked late nights and long weekends in order to support myself.  I found the application process for part-time work extremely cumbersome, the communication fragmented, and the overall shift filling process extremely unorganized.  Places would call me incessantly for shifts I couldn’t work because I was at school.  It was a huge waste of time.  

As my career progressed and I moved into management, I started realizing all the staffing challenges saw that there was no good way to communicate or manage our part time nurses.  Our hospitals were constantly understaffed and had terrible ways of communication which led to compromised patient care.  In a 3 month period, we had 622 nurses call out for their shift with no tools other than a phone to backfill them.

I knew there had to be a better way using technology.  That’s how connectRN came to be.

Here’s Our Traction:

Since our software launch in January of 2017, we’ve had the pleasure of working with over 400 nurses just in the Baltimore area. We’ve helped fill over 300 shifts, and have a shift fill rate of over 50% (which is a pretty big deal).

People who we’re trying to beat (competitors):

Traditional nurse staffing agencies are pretty much who facilitate this processes now. The big three are:

  1. AMN Healthcare
  2. Crosscountry TravCorps
  3. Maxim Staffing

Why we’re different:

Traditional temp nursing agencies are broken.  Contracts are restrictive and cumbersome and don’t allow for much  flexibility for the nurse or the institution.  We are more of an outsourced per diem pool.

Here’s how we make money:

The platform is free for both hospitals and nurses. However, when hospitals use our app to book shifts, there is a fee associated with each booked shift. This fee is still far less than what they would have paid a temp agency, and slightly less than paying nurses overtime. This results in more flexibility for both parties and less burnout among nurses.

Market size:

  1. Healthcare Staffing Industry: $11.1B
  2. Nurse Overtime Pay: $125B

Details of our most recent funding:

  1. Seed (January 2015): $100,000
  2. Seed (May 2015): $600,000
  3. Series A (May 2017): $2,500,000

Our investors:
HBM Partners, Super Angels

What we’re using the money for:

  1. Building out the team: CTO, Engineers, Customer Support, HR, Onboarding teams, Marketing, Nurse Acquisition

Team Member Profiles:

  1. Co-Founders

    1. Idriz Limaj – Co-Founder
      1. RN Umass Boston
      2. MBA Umass Boston – Healthcare Management
        1. United Nations, Hebrew SeniorLife, Lifebridge Health
    2. Michael Wood – Co-Founder
      1. 15 years of healthcare and software sales experience
      2. K2M, Paradigm Medical, Synthes (bought by Johnson & Johnson), Covidien (bought by Medtronic), Parametric Technology, Rolta Advizex
    3. Agron Ademi – Co-Founder
      1. Software architect with 15 years experience specializing in transaction based infrastructure
      2. Harvard University, Fresenius Healthcare
    4. Davin Hills – Acting CTO
      1. Eclypsis (acquired by Allscripts)
      2. CTO – Bettrlife
  2. Advisory Team:

    1. Geoff Harris – C7 Advisors
    2. Steven Littlehale – Pointright
    3. Michael Tobin – Mobiquity
    4. Foley Hoag – Legal

Where we are located:

  1. In the heart of Boston! We absolutely love it here.

Why Xconomy readers will love this story:

  1. This is a recent and relevant fund of raising, we’re impacting thousands of people’s lives, and we’re creating some amazing new technology.
  2. Nurses are the largest professional group in the country. Everyone has a few friends that are nurses to share this article with.
  3. The nursing shortage has and will continue to affect everyone.
  4. We’re from Boston!

Is this exclusive to Xconomy?

  1. Absolutely – not only is this particular article exclusive, but we’ve never had any PR whatsoever!

When should we go live?

  1. Ideally in the next two weeks unless someone has a better idea.

Founders contact details:

  1. Mobile: 617-821-4846
  2. Email:

Link to our product demo:

Link to the Crunchbase profile

Link to the AngelList profile