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Jen Reddy

Nurses Speak Up: The Conversation of a Lifetime

Much has been written about the burnout, trauma and outrage the nursing community has felt over the past two years. We all endured the pandemic together, as a shared experience, but for nurses and aides who had a front seat to the uncertainty and risk, the burden was unfathomable.

While the media tends to focus on the horrors and dramatic click bait, something interesting was happening to this group of extraordinary humans. They were finding their voice. In the midst of fighting the biggest health care crisis in our country, nurses and aides spoke out - loudly - not just on the impact of the pandemic, but other topics we probably weren’t aware of. Or were uncomfortable addressing.

  • Racism

  • Gatekeeping

  • Patient to nurse ratios

  • Suicide and mental health

  • Bullying

These are just a few of the topics we have witnessed and facilitated with our nurses at connectRN. These conversations are not only important to educate us all, but they provide valuable insight into what nurses really want: to be seen, heard, and VALUED.

To truly listen, and understand their “why”,  is enlightening.  Among all the sadness and exhaustion is hope. Hope and passion for the profession they chose and the commitment to caring for others under the best and worst of circumstances.

As one nurse in our community shared, “When I can help a patient with one small step, one problem, one bad mood, one hurdle, one anything, it reminds me how special and unique a position I’m in.”  

These are the voices and stories that will fuel us through hard times and define the future of healthcare. 

Today we announce our partnership with StoryCorps, the gold standard in compelling storytelling. Their mission - to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world - is the perfect vehicle to showcase our nurses and aides and their hopes for the future.

On April 15th and 16th, we will be in Chicago recording conversations with nurses and aides who will shine a light on how we can build a brighter future based on the lessons of the past. 

Our hope is that by amplifying the voices and experiences of nurses, by honoring their stories, and acting on their guidance, we'll be creating a better future for nurses everywhere.

About the author
Jen Reddy

Jen Reddy, CMO at connectRN is a self-defined idea junkie and innovation nerd. She is passionate about shaping and telling the connectRN story to build and foster relationships with the nursing community and ensure that all connectRN clinicians are holistically cared for. Prior to joining connectRN in 2021, Jen worked at CSpace, Idea Paint, Arnold Worldwide and other Boston/San Francisco based startups.