Connectors FAQ

Who our Platform is For

Who do you hire ?

We hire RN’s, LPN’s and Nurse Aides.

Where do you currently hire?


Applying for Shifts

How do I apply for my first shift?

Open the connectRN app to view “Open Shifts”. Apply the filters at the top of the screen to view days, times, distance and specialities that apply to you. Clicking into the shift will show if there are any additional credentials required to apply.

I went to apply for my first shift and was told I need more credentials. What do I do?

Certain facilities require additional credentials than what are currently stored on the connectRN platform. In order to work at that particular facility you must provide the correct documentation needed in order to apply to shifts. Additionally certain facilities also may require an orientation before working your first shift. If you’re experiencing troubles, give us a call us at (617) 944-1515 and we can help you figure out these requirements as soon as possible.

Working your first shift

Do I need to attend orientation before working my first shift at a facility?

Certain, though not all, facilities will require orientation before completing your first shift and you will be able to apply for orientation directly through the app. Orientations will take typically take place 30-90 minutes before your first shift or on set days of the week.

Am I paid for orientation?

Yes. You are paid your hourly rate for attending orientation.

What should I wear to my first shift?

Professional attire of scrubs and non-skid, closed-toed shoes should be worn, along with your connectRN badge. Please check the employee handbook for additional information about our company dress code.

Timesheets and CICO

Am I required to take a break?

Yes. You are required to take a 30 minute break every 8 hours worked for your own wellbeing and the safety of patients. Please note this break is unpaid and will be automatically deducted from your paycheck for each 8 hour shift.

What do I do if I forgot to complete my check in/check out (CICO)?

Complete the process as soon as possible and contact facility scheduler to adjust and approve. If you have trouble connecting with the facility or need additional support, contact our Customer Success team at (617) 944-1515.

What do I do if the supervisor on duty does not know the pin code to complete my check-out?

In this case you are permitted to complete the check-out process yourself and follow up with the facility’s supervisor on the phone to adjust and approve the timesheet.

Pay and Compensation

I finished my first shift. How do I get paid?

Once the facility supervisor approves your timesheet, it will be sent for payment. Paychecks from connectRN are issued weekly. Even if you set up direct deposit, the first paycheck you receive will be a paper check and will be mailed to the mailing address we have file for you.

How can I set up direct deposit?

You can set up direct deposit during your onboarding. If you choose to do at a later date, please call our Customer Success team at (617) 944-1515.

How can I view my pay stubs?

You can view your pay stubs by logging into the ADP application. If you have not logged into ADP for connectRN, please contact our Customer Success team so we that we can provide a unique code from Payroll.

What is STATCash?

STATCash is an optional payment system where you can automatically receive payment one business day after completing a shift. You payment will be deposited directly to you payment card for immediate use. Note that this will function as a prepaid card and there are fees associated with its use.

How do I set up STATCash?

STATCash is available to you once you work 10 shifts in a 12 month period. Once you reach this status, we will send you an email with a link to request a payment card to begin using for STATcash.

When will I receive my STATCash?

StatCash is typically paid one business day following the end of your first shift. Please note that sometimes the next full business day will be a Monday following a Thursday night, Friday, or weekend shift.

What are the holidays recognized by connectRN?

Given the nature of our work, you have the option to work on a holiday depending on the operational needs of our facilities. If you choose to work on holidays, you will be compensated “overtime,” or “time and a half,” of your pay rate for assignments worked on the following days: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Rewards Program

How does the rewards program work?

Each time you work a shift, you earn points towards our rewards program. Points will accrue each 12 month period towards different membership status. Details of the programs and rewards can be found at

How do I get my scrub top?

You need to work your first two shifts we will reach out to you to collect your size information for your Grey’s Anatomy connectRN scrub top.

Can I purchase additional connectRN scrub tops?

We currently don’t have the option for scrub purchase outside of our rewards program but are looking into this option for the future.


Why did I receive an error message that prevents me from signing into the app?

If you still need to complete your registration or have been suspended or terminated from the app you will not be able to log in.

Why is my account suspended?

The most common reason for account suspension is non-compliance with our call out policy. For policy details please refer to the Employee Handbook.