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7 Companies Wanting to Hire You in Boston

1. Medical Resources Home Health

Medical Resources Home Health offers a plethora of different services to help their patients to the fullest and offer their employees multiple opportunities.While MRHH isn’t a traditional nursing placement agency, they are still a solid place to apply to if you’re looking for nursing jobs. Here is a list of their current openings, and you can apply directly on their website here. Also, be sure to check out their employee benefits as well.

2. connectRN

connectRN isn’t really a placement agency, but we have all the benefits of one. Instead of getting you placed full time, we enable you to find the time flexibility you want and extra income through per-diem shifts. For example, when a hospital needs a shift covered (because someone called in sick) you’ll have the chance to pick it up and earn more income than what you normally would. You can create an account here and find more information here.

3. Maxim Healthcare Services

Maxim is a large national chain of nursing staffing agencies. Their Maryland location is based in Boston, and was established in 1988. They offer placement services for a barrage of different job types; RNs, LPNs, LVNs, CNAs, speech therapy, radiology, and much more. Something cool about their website is they allow you to automatically upload your resume which then gets sent to people who can help you immediately. According to Glassdoor, they’ve earned a 3.1 rating across an impressive 1,000 reviews.

4. AP Staffing

AP Staffing is a full-scale staffing agency, but they do have a specialty in filling positions in the healthcare field. Because they work with hospitals directly they are able to help nurses fill a multitude of different positions. They also do per-diem shifts, fixed and flexible contract staffing, and project-based contracts. To view a list of their current openings click here, and you can apply directly on their website here.

5. Millennium Travel Nursing

If you are currently a traveling nurse or are thinking about becoming one, you might want to look into Millennium. They offer some pretty nifty benefits for those that sign on with them. They started in 2007 and work with both hospitals and in-home care facilities. To view a list of their current openings click here, and you can apply directly on their website and submit your resume here.

6. K.A Recruiting

While their website is a little vague in explaining more of the types of nursing jobs they can help you get, it’s safe to assume that they assist RNs and LPNs for sure. To view a list of their current openings click here, and you can apply directly on their website here. K.A Recruiting can help you find a job in the majority of different specialties.

7. Favorite Healthcare Staffing

Favorite Healthcare Staffing offers a few different options for nurses: per diem shifts, permanent full-time contracts, and permanent part-time contracts. While their corporate office is in Kansas City, they have a location in Lutherville here in Maryland. On a side note: their website is really clean! The employment form is extremely intuitive and easy to fill out. We give it 10/10 stars for a job well done.

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