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7 Reasons Why You Should Be A Nurse In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known for its colonial history, the birthplace of the American Revolution, and thick Boston accents. What you may not know about the Eastern state is that it’s a great place for nurses.  In the United States, Massachusetts is tenth in employment numbers with about 79,500 nurses, however, they are ranked third in the country for salary!

1. We employ lots of nurses

2. We pay nurses handsomely well.

While Massachusetts is in 10th place for employment numbers, they are 3rd in the country for salary.On the low end of the spectrum a nurse in MA can earn $63,000 a year which is the national average, but on the high end, the average salary is $88,000. California has the highest salary range for nurses at $62,000-$122,000. Hawaii is in second place with a salary range at $74,000-$87,000. A couple of the lowest states are Iowa who has a salary range of $43,000-$58,000 and South Dakota with a salary range of  $49,000-$56,000.

For the state’s small size, they sure pack in plenty of hospitals. Massachusetts is in the top 20 states with 78 hospitals. The top three states with the most hospitals are Texas with 378, California with 345, and Florida with 219.  The states with the least amount of hospitals are Vermont with 7, Delaware with 8, and North Dakota with 10.

Of those 78 hospitals, MA has 15,553 staffed beds also making it in the top 20 states for beds.  Bycomparison, the states with the most staffed beds are California with 74,806 beds, Texas with 59,118 beds, and New York with 56,792 beds. The three states with the lowest amount of staffed beds are Vermont with 818, Alaska with 1,203, and Wyoming with 1,208. (ahd)

5. We’re ranked 18th in the U.S, but really deserve in the top 10

A study done in 2016 by WalletHub scored all 50 states on different areas to determine the best and worst states for nurses to work. Out of 70 points Massachusetts scored a 51.08 making it ranked 18th in the nation. However it was a close call for most of the states in the top 20. At just 51 points, Massachusetts is tied with five other states, another three states are tied at 52, and the top ranking state is Washington with 59 points.

6. We’re 4th in the nation for the most job openings.

One of the statistics scored for each state was opportunity and competition rank. Massachusetts is ranked low because of its high job competition, however MA is 4th in the nation with the most job openings per capita.  District of Columbia has the most job openings, followed by New Mexico, and New Hampshire. The five states with lowest job openings are Alabama, Louisiana, New York, Utah, and Mississippi.  

7. Our work environment – unbelievably good.

Another factor that contributed to each state’s rank was their work environment score and Massachusetts is ranked number 3 in the country for best work environment. Connecticut is number one in work environment and Minnesota is number two.  The three states with the worst work environment are Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama.

Besides all the numbers Massachusetts has beautiful scenery with a rich history. Any nurse working in Massachusetts is lucky to be in such a great state!

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