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An Open Letter to Our Community from connectRN CEO Matt Levesque

Dear connectRN community, 

Since the day we were founded, our goal at connectRN has been to connect nurses with facilities whenever and wherever they are needed. As we’ve grown over the past few years we never imagined our platform and community would be called upon as it is today. When health workers around the world are being asked to step forward, it is our honor to serve as a partner and a resource when we are needed most.

Our teams are working tirelessly to continue to provide you with the tools and information to manage this crisis. We are closely following emerging guidance from the CDC, CMS and other health officials and taking the necessary steps to meet the needs of our community. Since the onset of this situation, we’ve proactively implemented new changes on our platform to prepare and protect our clinicians, our facility partners, and the greater ecosystem we support.  

For our clinicians:

  1. You are already completing additional screening on our app before each shift to protect yourself, your colleagues, and your patients. 

  2. We’ve also shared with you the connectRN COVID-19 training module to prepare yourself for more rigorous care measures related to infection control and prevention.

  3. Regardless of your work schedule, we ask that you continue to self-monitor any potential symptoms at home by taking your temperature daily and practicing safe, social distancing wherever possible. 

  4. Finally, we ask that you limit the number of facilities you work at during this time where disease spread risk is high. We recognize that facilities need to take additional precautions during this time and the public health and safety of all those we serve (both directly and indirectly) must be a priority above all else.  

For our facility partners:

  1. We halted the visitation of all non-essential personnel to your facility several weeks ago to allow you to focus on providing clinical care delivery and managing your facility’s infection prevention and control. 

  2. We surfaced more data to you so you can make stronger, more informed decisions about how you staff your buildings. 

  3. We’re opening up our network and promoting more consistent schedules to our clinician pool to limit the number of clinicians working in multiple buildings.

  4. We pledge to continue to serve as an open, transparent partner with you and local, state and federal health officials and support you with reporting, training, and communication wherever possible.

We know that the coming weeks will present unique and unprecedented challenges for all of us. At connectRN, our teams and technology are prepared to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the healthcare system and will work tirelessly to support our community as the situation evolves. 

To our community, be well, and please do not hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance. We are here for you.  

Matthew Levesque



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