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Celebrating Nurses Week: connectRN Recognizes the Unsung Heroes of Healthcare

Michael Wood, Co-Founder & CEO

Everyone’s life has been touched by a nurse, whether that person is a relative, friend or employed at your physician’s office. As the largest and most trusted professional workforce in the country, nurses are the heart of our healthcare system. They are the unsung heroes that help patients, ensure effective operations of any healthcare facility, and largely influence a patient’s perception of the overall care experience.

With 55 percent of registered nurses reported to be age 50 or older and more than 1 million nurses reaching retirement age within the next 10 to 15 years, experts predict that in the near future, we won’t have enough nurses to take care of our aging and, often, medically complex population. This impending gap could jeopardize patient safety and threaten quality of care.

connectRN was built for nurses and facilities to help address and close this gap. Through our platform, we provide access to opportunities for nurses looking for flexibility to expand their earning potential. When we make it easier for nurses to find opportunities to care for people, we all win.

At connectRN, we celebrate and are inspired by nurses each and every day. They are the center of all that we do. In honor of Nurses Week, we will be showcasing the inspiring stories of connectRN nurses on our blog throughout the week. (Please check back throughout the week to read them!)

On behalf of everyone at connectRN, I would like to thank all nurses for making a difference in the lives of their patients.

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