• Kathleen Burns

Clinician Spotlight: Detra (STNA, Ohio)

Our community deserves to be celebrated! We're featuring and recognizing connectRN clinicians each week on our newest blog series.

This week’s Clinician Spotlight goes to Detra, a STNA in Cleveland, Ohio! Detra joined connectRN back in May as a member of our rapidly growing community of nurses and nursing aides. Despite facing the toughest caregiving circumstances in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Detra remains passionate about providing care for the elderly. She grew up helping her Mom take care of her grandmother, so she understands the significance of providing compassionate care to seniors and patients in their later stages of life.

When her grandmother passed away, she knew she had to continue to follow her heart. Detra earned her STNA license just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and immediately was reminded just how much value aides contribute to the lives of residents in long term care. For Detra, the most rewarding part of the job is connecting with the residents. She returns to the same facility every week so that she can really get to know the residents she works with. They now often request Detra and light up when they get to spend time with her.

“Many people just want someone to talk to,” Detra said, “And they love my positivity.”

Detra believes that creating community and supporting each other is important. That’s why she’s made friends at her favorite facility to make sure she always has someone to work with to help keep her motivated and positive!

Detra is determined to further her career and spends a lot of her free time further developing herself as a professional. When it comes to downtime, Detra likes to relax by reading some romance novels.

Thanks for all of your hard work, Detra! We are so proud to support you.