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Clinician Spotlight: Isioma (GNA, Maryland)

Our community deserves to be celebrated! We're featuring and recognizing connectRN clinicians each week on our newest blog series.

This week we’re spotlighting Isioma, a GNA in Maryland! Isioma has been with connectRN since the beginning, establishing herself as a leader among our growing community of Maryland Connectors.

Isioma became a GNA six years ago after moving to the United States in 2014. Isioma’s key motivator to pursue a career in nursing was her father who continued to encourage her throughout the process of earning her GNA certification. Isioma loves being a GNA and is excited to continue to grow her career by pursuing a Registered Nurse degree.

Isioma consistently picks up shifts at the same facility because she loves the community environment of the residents and the staff members there. The most rewarding part of the job for Isioma is seeing the smiles on the faces of residents and their families and knowing that her work is helping others. Despite requests to work at her go-to facility full time, Isioma stays with connectRN because of the flexibility and control she has over her schedule.

To encourage a sense of community among connectRN clinicians, Isioma always helps to answer any questions new Connectors have when they’re working together. She loves to offer up insider tips on applying to shifts and making connections with the other staff. Community support can be tough to find as a per-diem nurse or aid, according to Isioma, so she makes sure to step into that role for others.

Isioma’s favorite thing to do on her day off is to take a hot bath to help her relax. Relaxing is super important to help Isioma recover for a long shift to then show up for the residents while she’s at work. She also values spending time with her family and kids.

Thank you for your dedication to connectRN, Isioma! You’re a rockstar!

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