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Clinician Spotlight: Ly (RN, Massachusetts)

Ly moved to the United States from Vietnam only five years ago, and in that short time she has already managed to pursue her childhood dream.

Ly grew up dreaming of working in medicine. But, when she realized that becoming a doctor in Vietnam would take 10 years and a major financial investment, she decided to study computer science instead.

Moving to the States gave her a second opportunity to pursue a career in healthcare. Ly is a lifelong learner and has a passion for providing care for people when they need it most, which is what motivated her to begin working towards becoming a Registered Nurse.

Now, Ly has a full time job at a rehabilitation center and picks up shifts with connectRN on her days off. She loves her full time job because it grants her the opportunity to work with patients with a variety of complications, so she is always learning something new. Working with connectRN also satisfies the learner in her because each facility offers a unique experience. Ly finds trying out new facilities the most exciting because she knows that with each new facility and team of staff she’ll learn something new.

For Ly, connectRN has introduced a greater sense of flexibility. She appreciates knowing that she can always add on a shift when she has a day off and having an additional source of income. Her biggest tip for per diem nurses is,

“Take advantage of the free time at the beginning of each shift to get to know the other nurses you’ll be working with. Establishing those relationships ahead of time can make a huge difference.”

The most rewarding part of the job for Ly is being able to provide care for people who have been through a lot, especially when she can teach them how to better care for themselves. Ly loves connecting with the patients she works with and helping to improve their quality of life.

We're so glad connectRN could help Ly pursue her dream of helping others!

If you’re also craving flexibility in your work schedule, sign up with connectRN for free here.

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