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Clinician Spotlight: Tranise, GNA

Tranise’s journey to nursing is full of hard work and dedication. Check out her inspiring story.

Prioritizing ourselves can be difficult amidst the chaos of daily life. Here is Tranise’s story of discovering her passion, prioritizing herself, and working hard to pursue her dreams.

Tranise has a passion for helping people. In an effort to discover how to direct that passion towards a career, she experimented with multiple different options. But, none of them felt right.

In 2010, Tranise started in a nursing program to see if maybe this would be the career she could connect with. While she loved the work, it wasn’t the right time for her to finish school. Instead of giving up, Tranise continued on the nursing path and got her CNA. This move allowed Tranise to continue exploring different areas of nursing. She dove into experience in long term care, home care, and personal care, and in 2015 Tranise started working as a nurse tech.

Now, Tranise is back in school at the Global Health Institute in Virginia working toward her Licensed Practical Nurse degree! She is looking forward to finishing in December , and even plans on going back to school in the next two years to earn her Registered Nurse degree. It’s dedication like Tranise’s that makes this community so special!

“Sometimes life hits you, but I feel like this is my time.”

Tranise is balancing school, working, and being a mom. She is especially grateful to have a flexible work schedule through connectRN to help her manage everything that’s on her plate. The flexibility allows her to construct her work schedule around school commitments and tests. This frees up time for her to focus on studying when she needs to, without compromising her opportunities at work.

Through in person clinicals, Tranise has had the opportunity to explore even more healthcare settings. Her favorite is the hospital, especially the ICU, because it is fast paced. However, she also has a soft spot for her roots in nursing: long term care.

When asked why, she said, “I especially get attached to residents who don’t have a lot of family. They see us every day, so we’re all they know.” Tranise mentioned that a lot of residents are feeling down right now because no one can come visit them, so she likes to spend time with them and help them call their families to put a smile on their faces.

“The most rewarding part is seeing their faces first thing in the morning. I like to help them get dressed and do their hair so that they still feel like they’re worth something. It can be hard for them to adjust [to life in long term care].”

Tranise likes to dedicate her days off of work and school to having fun with her kids: “I’ll take them to get a bite to eat, to the movies, or bowling to really spend some time with them.” Tranise’s children are her biggest cheerleaders! She said, “I’ve been talking about going back to school for so long, my oldest son keeps pushing me like ‘Mom, when are you going to go back to school?’” We know your kids are proud of you, Tranise! Your connectRN family is too.

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