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2020 Election Dates You Need to Know

Elections in 2020 are going to look a lot different than any election in the past, with important issues affecting caregivers on ballots nationally.

Now is the time to research the important election dates and mail-in voting options for your state to make sure your voice is heard. We’ve collected several general and state-specific resources to help answer any of your election questions including voter registration deadlines, how to register to vote, applying for a mail-in ballot, and more.

We’re here to build a better world for nurses and caregivers. Voting is one powerful way to do that.

Don’t wait — create your voting plan today. First, check to see if you’re already registered to vote. If you are not, make sure to register. It only takes two minutes! You’ll need to decide if you’re going to vote by mail or in person. Regulations about mail-in voting vary by state, so check out your state’s rules below. If you are going to vote by mail, apply now. This will ensure that you receive your ballot on time — and that you can mail your ballot in on time. If you choose to vote in person, make sure you know where you need to go to vote. Some voting locations have changed this year, so do the research ahead of time.

Don’t see your state on this list? Find your state’s information here.


Here’s a list of important election dates for 2020 including registration deadline, vote by mail deadline, and early voting period. Click here to register to vote or update your information. To learn about voting by mail in Florida, check out these resources.


Find information on applying for a mail-in ballot here. The voter registration deadline in Indiana is October 5th, but make sure to register and request your mail-in ballot (if applicable) as soon as possible.


Find information about mail-in voting for the 2020 General Election here. You must request a mail-in ballot by October 20th. Use this link to register to vote and/or request a mail-in ballot.


To register to vote online or to update your information, click here. For information about early voting deadlines, click here. To apply to vote by mail, click here. Mail-in ballots must be received by October 28th, 2020.

New Jersey

Click here to register to vote and here to check if you are already registered to vote. The voter registration deadline in New Jersey is October 13th. Find county-based mail-in ballot applications here.


To register to vote click here, and to check your voter registration status click here. Ohio’s voter registration deadline is October 5th. Read about absentee and mail-in voting options here. Learn more about voting on election day here.


Register to vote by October 19th here. Don’t know if you’re already registered to vote? Click here to check. Learn about absentee and mail-in voting in Pennsylvania here. Pennsylvania has created a free Voter Education Toolkit here.

Rhode Island

The next state election in Rhode Island is September 8th. Click here to register to vote to be able to participate in that election. To apply for a mail-in ballot, click here.


Register to vote by October 12th to be able to vote in the general election on November 3rd. Click here to learn more about voting by mail. Mail-in ballots won’t be sent out until late September, but you can apply for one now.

If you have any additional links that might be helpful, add them in the comments!

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