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Entering the Next Phase of connectRN’s Growth

By Matthew Levesque, CEO

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of change – from the adoption of innovative technologies to the introduction of ground-breaking treatments. But one thing that has remained constant is its ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives, particularly nurses. Nurses are the primary caregivers in healthcare facilities and have an overwhelming opportunity to make profound impacts on care delivery and the patient experience. As I enter this next chapter as the CEO of connectRN, I’m honored to join an organization that empowers nurses and recognizes them as one of the most important forces in healthcare. 

The nursing industry is not without its challenges, and today, nurses are at the center of the healthcare industry’s most pressing issue: clinician staffing. There are more than 1 million nurses set to reach retirement age within the next 10 to 15 years, and more than 55 percent of registered nurses are reported to be age 50 or older.  The country is facing a major nursing shortage. 

I’m excited to join connectRN as it tackles this challenge head-on. It is reinventing clinician staffing by connecting nurses with healthcare facilities on demand. connectRN helps to curb the shortage and returns power to the nurses by putting them at the center of the experience. Nurses have the opportunity to pick-up shifts and expand their earning potential, while facilities are provided with qualified, vetted nurses who are best fit for their environments. 

Ever since Mike and Idriz founded connectRN, making their vision of fixing the broken agency model a reality, the company has transformed the way the healthcare industry thinks about and addresses clinician staffing. As connectRN enters this next phase of growth, the company is uniquely positioned to expand its footprint and continue to make an impact on the nursing shortage. I’m excited to join connectRN at this pivotal moment in the company’s journey and I look forward to working with the connectRN team. 

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