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Find Nursing Jobs Easily With These 5 Tips

Find Nursing Jobs Easily With These 5 Tips

There are a lot of different tools and tactics to help you find nursing jobs, but that doesn’t mean it’s ever been an easy feat. That’s why we here at connectRN has put together a list of tips to get you on your way!

Use Your Network to Find Nursing Jobs

Nursing school friends, mentors, professors, family friends.  People who know you are always the best source for job introductions and referrals.  Also, hospitals typically have referral programs so there are incentives in place for your network to make an introduction.  There is no harm in letting people know that you are job hunting and what you are looking for.  I recommend scheduling monthly casual check ins via phone, text, or for coffee to stay top of mind.  People are always busy and may forget about an opening in their organizations that might be a perfect fit.  

Find Per Diem Shifts

Use Hospital Job Boards to Find Nursing Jobs

These are a great way to see what the hospital has for needs.  However, it is tough to rise above everyone else in the resume pile.  A lot of times it feels like you are sending your resume into the never ending space only for it never to be found.  Hospital HR is typically swamped and it can be tough to get through.  I recommend following up with a phone call to HR to introduce yourself and see if they are open to informational interviews.  Also, leverage your network to see if anyone you know works there that might be able to get your name to a hiring manager.

Staffing Agency

Recruiters/Job Boards

Job boards and recruiters are a good piece of the puzzle for helping you find a job.  Recruiters can help you tweak your resume for a specific institution or position, and since they get paid when you get a job there is an incentive for them to find nursing jobs for you.  They also typically get the inside scoop on what the institution is specifically looking to hire.

Job boards can be helpful as well.  Typically boards like indeed and Monster will be tough to sift through because there are many positions and you can’t always tell who is posting and what they are posting for. However, it does give you a good sense of what is needed in a specific geography or institution.  Hospital specific job boards can give you a sense of what the need may be at a specific institution.  If you really want to work at a specific institution, these are a great way to see what they are looking to hire and what the required experience and qualifications are.

More importantly here are a few nursing specific job boards that you might want to check out:

  1. https://www.nursingjobs.com/

  2. http://www.nurse.com/

  3. https://www.nurserecruiter.com/

  4. https://www.healthecareers.com/

Finally, if you’re going to be starting a new job soon, you’ll want to be comfortable on your feet.

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