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Need A Nursing Tip? Here are Our Favorite 5 for New Nurses

5 Nursing Tips for New Nurses

A nursing tip? You will laugh and you will cry. You will also realize you are the first line of defense for providing the best possible care for your patients. Most of the time patients will base their opinion of the hospital and their care on their experience with you.

No pressure right? Stay calm. The nursing board didn’t give you a license because you asked, they gave it to you because you earned it. You chose to be a nurse for a reason. Here are just a few nursing tips to help you become the best nurse you can be.

Nursing Tip #1: Get organized and prioritize

Nursing Tip #2: Be assertive but don’t be afraid to ask for help

Realize that you won’t know everything. Realize that patients will take advantage of you if they sense you doubt yourself. You are the patients strongest advocate and sometimes that means being firm with them and letting them know they can’t do certain things. So stay calm, make your decision, and make it firm. You can always check with your charge to make sure you made the right call. Senior nurses would much rather you ask a question then hurt a patient. Just make sure you aren’t making the same mistake over and over. You can also check out Nurse’s Pocket Guide app for reference in between patient visits.

Nursing Tip #3: Build a network and find a mentor

Nursing is a team sport and you never know when you need a shoulder to cry on or help with a difficult patient. Start building strong friendships and relationships in nursing school and continue to build your network as you begin your professional career. Keep in mind everyone started somewhere and every experienced nurse has been in your shoes. Find someone that will correct your mistakes but also be supportive. Also, consider joining professional organizations like the American Nurses Association.

Nursing Tip #4: Keep learning and your skills sharp

Never stop learning and do your best to not lost the skills you learned in nursing school. If you land a job on a med surge floor and that is your lifelong passion, then great!!!! Keep in mind nursing is a rigorous job and you might find yourself looking for some variety in the future. Consider working with a service like connectRN www.connectrn.com to see other open opportunities in your area that might offer variety in your week to keep your other skills sharp. Other great resources like Learning Nurse are free and offer a wealth of information.

Nursing Tip #5: Most Importantly, Stay Healthy

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