• Kathleen Burns

Where to Find COVID-19 Testing Near You

Updated: Jul 31

As COVID-19 continues to spread, many long term care facilities are making negative coronavirus tests a requirement before nurses and nurses aides are permitted to work in their building. But, finding testing centers in different states can still be a challenge. We’re here to help.

Use this list of resources to find COVID-19 testing in each of the states connectRN clinicians work in. New testing centers are opening every day, so remember to check back for the latest updates on COVID-19 testing for healthcare workers. 

Find your state below to read more about testing in your area. Insurance will typically cover the cost of the test and free testing is available at certain locations. Call a specific site ahead of time for more information. 


Check out this list for the latest updates on COVID-19 testing in the Orlando area.


Currently, there are about 211 COVID-19 testing sites in Indiana. Use this interactive map to find the closest option near you. The website also includes answers to COVID testing FAQs. Residents will not be charged for tests and insurance is not required.


Maryland’s governor announced additional COVID-19 testing sites popping up in Walmarts across the state. Testing is also available at a variety of CVS and Rite Aid locations. Find a full list here.

As of June 8th, several testing centers have announced new hours — 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. on the days they are in operation. These tests are provided at no out of pocket cost to patients. 

Starting June 17th, free testing will be available at the Baltimore Convention Center. Learn more here.


Refer to this PDF to find COVID testing sites near you, or use this interactive map to filter through sites to find options that accept MassHealth, offer drive-thru testing, test children, don’t require referrals, and more.

Find Massachusetts government updates about COVID-19 testing here. To stay up to date on the COVID-19 status in Massachusetts, refer to this dashboard by the Department of Health.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents can request a COVID-19 test here.

New Jersey

This website offers a breakdown of the types of testing sites available in New Jersey. Use this interactive map to find options near you.

Find the latest updates of New Jersey


Use this website and interactive map to find COVID-19 testing sites both by private companies and community health centers in Ohio.


As of June 5th, various Walmarts and Quests Diagnostics drive-thru testing sites opened up to provide testing for residents in areas without access to other testing sites. These tests are provided at no cost to residents. In order to receive a test, you must register a day in advance to determine if you are eligible.

Learn more about these testing options and others here

Penn Medicine is also providing no-cost COVID tests to patients with symptoms at three locations. Read more here. No co-pays or deductibles will be charged, and uninsured patients will be able to be tested for free at these sites.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19 testing on the Virginia Department of Health website. Use this interactive map to find testing sites near you. The cost and fees of each testing site vary. Call a specific site ahead of time for more information.

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